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Men-lit will take the. IA H -'I. Humor's morning jmuin auditorium at. Th j in the of Seven in the series The Theology jceive prizes nnd awards. The citadel in'. Mer- vev testimonials ol i, Crme. White-head I -. Leadbeator iee- en ;hc little lanr. Friday a'; o p. Scries At Chalmers Rev. Pet-res will speak at the Second Spiritualist church, Mclnlyre block, Sunday at 7 p. He will be followed by Mrs.

Jas Stalker ar. There will be messages. Commissioner Springclt, Grace Rev. Springett, dominion commissioner of the British-Israel federation, will address i v. Borrv will preach on Thelmce''ng m at 3 p. Kis H a.

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horoscope jan 9

Anglican, Lutheran. United church. Elim Chapel. Ca'l- on the Temple. Salvation Army and i' fi. Teachers A Teachers' Fellowship group -iU meet on the last Monday of ach month, commencing Monday, 'anuary 31, at 8 p. Part "A" of the course will con- ist of graded lessons, with the be- inners' department in charge of Mrs. Malcolm Galston; primary, Mrs. Alfred White; junior, Willis S. Wheatley; intermediate. McMillan; and senior, J.

In Part international uniform lessons, the leader will be lev. William G. The course s given under the auspices of the Leadership Training committee he Winnipeg presbytery. Luke's Sunday evening there will be eld in St. Luke's church a memorial service for the members f the Winnipeg Grenadiers who ell at Hong Kong, to which friends nd relatives are especially invited.

The rector. Gerald Burch, will reach.

Your focus is on money and earnings today. You might be worried about spending too much on children or spending too much on fun or social diversions like a splashy vacation. Nevertheless, you'll put out money to improve something at home. The moon is in your sign for most of today, which gives you an edge over all the other signs.

Difficulties with parents or older relatives might give you pause. Little, furry ones. Nevertheless, your enthusiasm about something will make you enthusiastically join forces with others. This day gets better as it wears on. Expect a positive, upbeat evening.

Initially, you might be worried about something. However, this isn't going to stop you from spending big today. Someone older or more experienced might discourage you today, especially about finances or how you earn your money. No fear because this is not going to hold you back. Instead, a different influence probably through a group will give you major encouragement about something.

You'll be noticed by authority figures today including parents. Initially, you might feel fearful or reticent about something.

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However, your own inner confidence and belief in yourself will quietly take over and you'll do exactly what you want. Travel plans or something to do with publishing, medicine, the law and higher education look difficult. Fortunately, someone you know, probably in a meeting or a group, will encourage you to overcome this hesitancy.

By the end of the day, you'll have a warm feeling in your tummy. The reading you do now will help future interactions. Also, take note of the best bits of your day to share with a trusted friend later. If you want to do something well, save yourself time and effort by going straight to the one who already has mastered the skill. Imitate the master for a while to learn the ropes. When arrangements don't go as anticipated, you won't judge or complain.

Instead, you'll simply observe the interaction, taking note of how you might, when and if you feel like it, change your approach. You want justice in a matter, not only for you but for all involved. You're willing to fight for what is really right, even if it benefits others more than it does you. If only tomorrow's troubles could be drained away by worrying about them today. But it doesn't work that way. The only thing that will be drained away by worry is your energy. Think positive and get in motion.

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There's a beautiful view on the horizon, but you may be the only one to notice at first. You'll be challenged to draw the attention of others away from self-interest and toward something magnificent. Your strength will lie in balancing the many different areas of your life and making them jive together.

Seize an excellent opportunity in March and turn it into a moneymaker.

A mentor will point the way. July brings romance and travel.

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Pisces and Sagittarius adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 9, 12, 3, 25 and Today's Horoscope - Burlington Free Press. Post a Comment.

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