Libra weekly horoscope 17 march

Libra Horoscope For Tuesday, December 3,

This is a time of wonderful health and enjoyment as you spend time with your loved ones. At work, you perform powerfully and manage to excel.

Your natural charisma and preference for justice and equality ensure that people respond well to you. Your desire for adventure and movement will be strong. There is an undercurrent of confusion and as such, it is better that you avoid making life-changing decisions at this time, or if you must, consult the advice of an expert who can guide you.

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On the 5th, Mercury moves into Scorpio which can bring intensity to your character. Scorpio is passionate, even obsessive and you may find yourself developing a strong interest in a particular hobby or area of life. On the 15th, Venus moves into Capricorn which makes your home and material wealth a priority. In particular, you will want to create a mood, tone or ambience that resonates well with you.

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This can involve buying new furniture or objects to make your house feel like a home. This is an especially passionate time in your intimate relationships, too—getting to know someone on a deeper level, as well as exploring your own depth, takes place as sun enters Aries on March 20—happy spring equinox!

Libra Weekly Astrology 17 March 2014 with Michele Knight

Aries season is all about your relationships; however, a full moon in your sign also arrives on this day, asking you to focus on yourself and your emotional needs. A big release is taking place now. What brings you comfort?

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What makes you feel safe? Sorting out your needs now will ultimately make for a happier, brighter Aries season filled with connecting with your many partners.

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Venus clashes with Mars and mingles with Jupiter on March 21, making for a wonderfully social atmosphere, and lots of talk is taking place. However, issues around communication are complex due to Mercury retrograde. On March 24, Mercury meets with Neptune and you find yourself thinking back to issues that came up on February Communication is so important to you, but right now, actions speaking louder than words…mostly because people are having a hard time expressing themselves.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider at this time is not how other people feel or think, but how you feel.

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Your ruling planet Venus enters dreamy Pisces on March 26, bringing blessings to your everyday routine, day job, and closet—this is a wonderful time to shop or edit your wardrobe and indulge yourself in some beauty treatments. Many of the red-spotted planet's free-flowing and inclusive traits are muffled in the sign of the Sea Goat.

By nature, Jupiter wants to swing out and take a risk while Capricorn tends to be sober and discerning. Capricorn's perfectionistic tendencies can be amplified by Jupiter's beams. Even if you are sitting on a million-dollar idea, you may get caught up in red tape and restrictive protocols. One of the key lessons of Jupiter in Capricorn?

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Learning how to fail faster and bounce back quicker. After all, "mistakes" are part of the process. At the same time, don't overdo the trial and error: Not only will that be expensive, but you might waste precious time reinventing a perfectly functional wheel. Reflect on this: How high is high enough for YOU?