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Another friend of mine who has his Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto in Scorpio is the perfect example of how someone with a stellium operates. He puts all of his life energy into his art. His mind is extremely deep and he is prone to having only intense conversations with people. You may have a lot of learning experiences related to that area of your life. Stelliums can leave other houses empty. Stelliums are a great way to understand people who are really good at certain things and really bad at everything else. They also can help explain why some people breeze through certain areas of their life while in others, they keep hitting their head against a wall.

It really helps me accept other people and the life lessons they are going through without judgement, as well as to do the same for myself. Understanding the influences of a stellium is something that can truly shift your perception of reality from confusion to empowered. It can help you unpack the seemingly confusing behaviours of people who are obsessive about things or keep experiencing similar situations in their lives.

In the United States, the stellium occurs primarily in the afternoon. If you are in Europe, make sure you have a date who can stay out late. In the Western Hemisphere of the globe, you are advised to stay close to your Friday date and see if you can build carryover energy from that night. Perhaps a kiss before the lights go out on Friday will be revisited as an afternoon delight between you two on Saturday. The planetary energy lasts well into the night.

In fact, it is not until after sunrise on Sunday, October 10 that the Moon will have moved far enough away from Venus and Mars to leave them as just a mere conjunction of two planets. So in all that time, you will have the opportunity for the greatest physical passion encounter of the decade. Read below to see how the Scorpio stellium of October 8 — 10 will affect you and your lover — read for both of your signs:.

Since Mars is your ruling planet, the stellium is likely to make loving an affair for the early evening of October 9. A low-lit room revs up your engines best. Call an astrologer now for a more personalized forecast!

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With your Venus ruler setting off the intense stellium, make the morning and early afternoon of October 9 the time to sneak away and get physical with the one you love. If you or a lover are stuck at work, there is no reason that the stellium cannot create a healthy fantasy to hold onto until you two can get together and make up for lost time. You might prefer poetry to physical interaction, but the hypnotic words of your lover seduce your spirit deeper than is possible in the flesh. Love is palpable — dare you speak it?

The stellium could spark the idea in you to revisit the past. Have you been keeping up with an old flame? You might want to spend Saturday looking forward instead of going back. You will have a chance to let the facts and figures speak for themselves. Your date from Friday could be entranced at the details of your passion and extend the encounter well into Sunday if possible. The stellium brings out your natural passion and intensity.

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A partner could end up feeling like a bulldozer has run over the room with you two in it. Your imagination is going to run wild, and having a partner to illustrate your fantasies could make for the wildest weekend of the next few years. Place yourself in the role of narrator and get busy! You could have a few parties to go to or other social engagements that cut down on your quiet time with your partner, but the build up of tension will make for an intense and memorable release when the crowd fades.

Too many options for success outside of romance could blind you to partnership passion opportunities. Time can rush by as you work toward a long-term goal and a possible partner may begin to look elsewhere. This is the perfect weekend for a getaway with a future soulmate. Joseph Goebbels has stellium in Scorpio, with 5 planets in the fourth house, symbolizing the patria. There are no particularly supportive aspects.

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His military bearing is shown by an angular Mars. The difficult nature of the sculptor Benvenuto Cellini, is highlighted by a stellium spread over the fourth and fifth houses. Forever fleeing The presence of a still to be discovered Pluto could also be cited.

The love of Scorpio { Stellium Sun }

In any case, noting the supportive trine to Jupiter in Pisces and the Ascendant in Cancer, it is easy to understand how he must have liked the idea of escaping to somewhere else. As already mentioned in the introduction, Bruce Lee is one of those cases where the Sun is not part of the stellium, which is made up of 4 planets in Scorpio in the eleventh house, in opposition to Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus, confirming his tragic end and forewarning the same destiny that would strike his young son later on.

Lucky Luciano, the gangster who in a certain sense seems to be a parody of himself, is characterized by Mars, Sun, Saturn, Moon, Mercury and Midheaven in Sagittarius.

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The dreams and utopian states of Sagittarius are well expressed by Friedrich Engels, the philosopher who supported Karl Marx all his life, both morally and financially. The stellium in Sagittarius is divided between the fourth and fifth houses, with a trine to the Ascendant and sextile Venus to Neptune.

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The legendary Kit Carson is one of those few with the Sun in a different sign Capricorn to the stellium Sagittarius , a sign that lends itself perfectly to horse riders, centaurs and gun-slingers! The stellium, divided between the fourth and fifth houses, accentuates his originality. The Italian writer and poet Goffredo Parise has 4 planets in Sagittarius between the eighth and ninth houses.

Just looking at the title of one of his most important works, Dear China, you can see the message of his stellium, supported by a trine to Uranus and the Ascendant. Note the trine to Neptune, and the unpredictable square to Uranus. Louis Pasteur is another notable among the records of planets in Capricorn, with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus e Neptune in Capricorn, almost completely in the third house. The conflict to Uranus is indicative of the unexpected events in his in his life, such as the recent heart operation he underwent last summer.

The mythical Marlene Dietrich is instead characterized by 5 planets in Capricorn in the fifth house, in good aspect to the Ascendant and Midheaven, a perfect indication of the Leonine values displayed in her acting verve, both on the stage and in her private life. Can the unfortunate life of Johannes Kepler be expressed by the stellium in Capricorn between the seventh and eighth houses? On one hand he has a sextile to Jupiter and Pluto, and Saturn on the other.

Stellium In 5th House Virgo

Less promising is the square to Mars in Libra. The present King Abdallah of Jordan has 5 planets in his natal sign of Aquarius, insidiously squared by the Moon and Neptune and opposed by Uranus and the Node. Their concentration in the first house could describe him as not being inclined to reflect and a little naive. Giovanna Melandri, the current Minister for Culture, was born the day before.

In this case the stellium is in the second house, co-signifying Taurus. She is very dedicated to art, but physically a lot less stronger, as the co-signifier shows! Compared to the stellium of that of Wolfang Amadeus Mozart appears limited. Characterized by 4 planets in Aquarius, between the fifth and sixth houses, with a trine to the Midheaven, opposition Neptune, well suited to music.

Thomas Merton is a particularly interesting eclectic person, passing from the role of artist to that of Trappist monk, and to his death by electric shock in an airport.

Four Big Things You May Not Know about Stelliums

He is known for his book 'The Mountain of the seven cliffs? The intense stellium between the eleventh and twelfth houses confirms the synthesis of liberty and confinement in different moments of his life. The democratic queen of the Netherlands is characterized by an amassing of planets in her natal sign Aquarius in the co-signifier house of Aquarius, in conflict with Uranus, describing a life not without some existential ups and downs.

In the Age of Aquarius even sovereigns, who were considered as belonging to the regal sign of Leo, belong to this sign!