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This influence is with you throughout and beyond, until march.

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Money requires a conservative approach. Past life karma can affect our current lives, and many people believe that karma readings are essential to understanding oneself and their purpose in this life and in past lives. The feng shui type match give people the compatibility match score from 60 to They will like your ideas so much that they will give you the monetary backing to transform things your way.

The twelfth house rules the subconscious mind, so your dreams could be vivid and prophetic. Your imagination and creativity will also be in overdrive. Think of this as a year of preparation for something major: on September 9, , lucky Jupiter will enter Libra for the first time since , kicking off a fresh year life chapter. Until then, the key is not to force anything.

Which sign is that planet in right now?

Let go and let grace. The stars invite you to tackle the basics of your life, setting up a solid foundation and plans for your career, money, health, and general well-being. Plenty of personal growth awaits on the other side. Embrace the opportunity to discover capable new dimensions of yourself. So how are the stars orchestrating this? Until August 11, expansive Jupiter is in Leo, your sixth house of health and organization.

Jupiter first entered Virgo on July 16, , diminishing your appetite for drama.

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With Jupiter in practical, hermitlike Virgo for most of this year, your energy has turned inward a bit more. Less is more during this streamlined transit, and Jupiter helps you pare down to the essentials. Your health takes the front burner, and bountiful Jupiter could get you interested in a new kind of fitness, clean eating, or dietary principles.

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The sixth house also rules service, so this is also an excellent year to spend time making a difference, whether through your job or in your extra time. Since Jupiter is the global connector, you might travel, study, write or learn about world issues, and get involved in change-making social causes. Saturn helps your career take shape. Meantime, structured Saturn is on a three-year tour of Sagittarius, your career and professional ambition house, from December 23, until December 19, Pisces, you do like to go with the flow, but you might find yourself especially concerned with retirement plans, Ks, investments, or your overall financial security for the long haul.

What is your overall career trajectory? No more going after the low-hanging fruit or waiting for your big moment. Slow and steady always wins the race when Saturn is at the helm. Think: strategic power moves, aligning with VIPs, and advancing toward a leadership position where YOU call the shots. Imagine that! These eclipses will outright revolutionize the way you handle both relationships and your personal identity. On March 20, the Pisces solar eclipse, also a supermoon, rips open a clean page in the Book of You.

On September 13, a Virgo solar eclipse lights up your relationship sector, which could bring a new chapter around business or romantic commitments. Know that these are partial solar new moon eclipses, so their impact is on the gentler side. Also revving up your relationships this year? On August 11, lucky Jupiter departs Leo and moves into Virgo, your partnership house, for 13 months, bringing fresh perspectives and faces , new opportunities and even long-distance connections. This could be your luckiest relationship cycle in over a decade—so let THAT be your incentive for getting the back-end systems of your life streamlined before the fall.

These eclipses on April 4 and September 27 are reshaping way you deal with money, how you make a living, and the way you spend, save, invest and earn. Your name is written all over this year, Sagittarius, and the cosmos are set on sending you soaring to brand-new heights. There will be hard work, long hours, a few false starts—but is your time to step into your own.

Your ruling planet Jupiter, arbiter of abundance, expansion, and optimism, is visiting Leo, your bountiful ninth house, from July 16, until August 11, Translation: you are SO in the zone.

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Having your ruling planet in your ruling house is like a double shot of star-powered fortune and opportunity. Everything you touch multiplies with your Midas touch. Be intentional where you put your energy and efforts because it is certain to produce staggering results.

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The ninth house governs travel, wisdom, study, and entrepreneurship, so these themes could take a strong hold for most of this year. Get ready to collect a few passport stamps, to inspire yourself with new knowledge and to gain new business chops. Luckily, a Sagittarius loves nothing more than boundless possibilities and an exciting challenge.

Personal growth is your vehicle for adventure in , so hop into that astrological Airstream trailer and hit the gas. Now, for the other side of the coin: Saturn, the planet of maturity, tough lessons and structure, is visiting Sagittarius from December 23, until December 19, While Jupiter rules expansion, Saturn brings restriction. But this is not a bad thing! Without a container, abundance turns into excess, which can be destructive, wasteful and out of control.

Enter Saturn. Saturn's presence in your sign is pretty damn profound. After all, it only visits every years, and it was last in Sagittarius from November 16, until February 13, You might upgrade to a more serious, polished or authoritative style, as Saturn rules leadership. Just avoid going too stark or severe with, say, a close-cropped haircut or too many drab colors. Cosmetic procedures should also be approached with the utmost caution.

On August 11, your ruler Jupiter will move into Virgo, your tenth house of career, leadership and long-term goals. Thought you hit your high point? Nope—here it comes. The tenth house sits at the very top of the zodiac wheel, putting you at the top of your game.

Between now and September 9, , you have 13 golden months to tackle total world domination. In other news, will feature four game-changing eclipses that could also reshuffle a few decks. On April 4, the Libra total lunar full moon eclipse in your group activity house could usher you into a new association or collaboration.

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  4. The September 27 Aries total lunar eclipse is in your fifth house of love, creativity, and fame. On March 20, the Pisces supermoon is a solar new moon eclipse in your domestic fourth house. You could move, get pregnant, or experience a change in family dynamics.

    The September 13 Virgo solar eclipse will touch your professional sector, setting off a two-year cycle of change to the way you conduct business and earn a living. Let Saturn help keep you grounded through this epic growth spurt. Then, adjust your worldview to a wide-angle setting. Weighty Saturn, which was in your sign from October 5, until December 23, , has finally left Scorpio, after a long reinvention tour. This transit, Scorpio, has not been easy.

    The good news? Getting there was grueling, but now, nothing really seems impossible.

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    Saturn only visits your sign every years, and its presence prepares you for a new year life cycle. Prior to this, Saturn was last in Scorpio from The tough part of hosting Saturn in your own sign? Only the most resilient structures survive its rigorous inspections. There could have been a period likely when Saturn crossed the same degree as your Sun when you felt depressed, exhausted or pressed to the brink. You may even have gone through an identity crisis. Again, NOT easy! But guess what? You survived.

    Saturn pushed you to prioritize, so if you took on too much, you may have felt the strain on your health and overall vitality. Can we get an amen? Scorpios born from November will feel this summer transit the most. In the aftermath of any Saturn-induced demolition, there could be new building to start now.